At Nambucca Glass, we offer a wide range of glass types to help enhance your property. Adding extra security fixtures, a stylish splashback or shower screen, or even creating an interesting feature wall, is a breeze with our safe, high-quality glass.

To discuss having any of our glass products supplied and/or installed, contact us today for an obligation-free measure and quote.

Shower Screens

Our own brand (DIAS) has the following models:

  • Framed - Integrity 9410
  • Series 9300
  • Series 9300 - corner entry

Whether you choose a standard design or have some ideas of your own you want to be custom-made, talk to our glaziers. Also, browse our list of available styles below.

An obligation-free measure and quote is provided before each job. Contact us to arrange your new shower screen today.

Sliding Shower Screens

Sliding shower screens are a traditional choice in Australian bathrooms, and can be made in a wide range of frame colours. This style is extremely functional in bathrooms with minimal space.

Pivot Shower Screens

Pivot shower screens are affordable and are available in both framed and semi-frameless styles. The smooth design of the pivot shower screen helps to minimise soap and residue accumulation, meaning less cleaning! This design is ideal for premium bathrooms in need of a contemporary shower screen.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Our DIAS model is Mirage Square Cut 3051.
Our semi-frameless shower screens utilise a 180-degree door swing to free up the rest of the bathroom. Made from a stainless pivot pin, semi-frameless shower screens feature a positive close, low friction design mechanism, meaning a trouble-free and quiet product.

Frameless Shower Screens

For a contemporary bathroom, you can't go past the sophisticated frameless shower screen. This design in unobtrusive and is easy to clean and maintain.

Bath Screens

Where there is limited space in a bathroom, a combined bathtub and shower with a bath screen is the perfect option. Easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours, our bath screens have a full opening pivot system with the ability to swing in or out.

Customised Shower Screens

Nambucca Glass can custom-create the shower screen you envision for both residential and commercial use. To discuss having your design come to life, contact our team today.

Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a simple way to add colour and texture to your kitchen. At Nambucca Glass, we provide a competitive price on all of our glass splashback styles, and can even custom create a design for you.

For an obligation-free measure and quote, contact our team today.

Flat Splashbacks

For a stylish modern twist in your kitchen, consider a flat glass splashback! They are very easy to clean and maintain, and the coloured safety glass is sure to create that 'wow' factor you are after. All of our glass splashbacks meet Australian standards.

Slumped Splashbacks

Create a stunning feature in your kitchen with a slumped glass splashback. This design is available in a range of colours to add a unique feel to your kitchen. All splashbacks at Nambucca Glass meet Australian standards.

Customised Splashbacks

Looking for a splashback like no other? Contact our glaziers at Nambucca Glass for a custom splashback designed to suit your kitchen to perfection.

All our glass splashbacks are safe, easy to clean and maintain, and meet Australian standards. To discuss your ideas for your custom glass splashback, contact our team today.


When you choose Nambucca Glass to produce your home or business's windows, you can choose from a range of affordable options. Whether you want to add security, privacy or keep insects out while maintaining a cool airflow, we have the product for you. We can accommodate for all types of buildings including residential homes, hi-rise buildings and large commercial properties.

Contact our team today for a no-obligation measure and quote.

Sliding Windows

Our BRADNAM's™ sliding windows range is an affordable collection of slimline products suitable for residential houses and low-rise residential units. Using the latest technologies, we make these windows highly tolerent to the elements, dust, noise and water. Insect, safety and security screens can be added for additional benefits.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a popular choice for people looking for a cost-effective, traditional style of window. Made from aluminium, double hung windows are easy to open and close and can be installed with a cam-operated latch, as well as the option for a master key.

Available in a number of configurations, double hung windows have the option of additional insect and safety screens. A sloping sill also ensures effortless water drainage.

Fixed Windows

Where a high-quality aluminium window is required, a fixed light model may be the option for you. Available in a variety of frame colours, fixed window glass is silicone glazed at the sash.

This helps to increase the windows strength and reduce sash dropping.

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows allow you to fold the panels away to create an un-obstructed view. Our glaziers commonly install these windows to both residential and commercial properties, specifically to courtyards, balconies, room dividers, cafes and restaurants.

Paying special attention to the seals, our bi-fold windows come with excellent resistance to water, heat and air-infiltration. We can also secure intermediate panels at the top or bottom with flush bolts or a convenient Sorrento multi-point lock system, which is operated by a single mid-height handle. A range of retractable screens can also be fitted into the framework.

Awning Windows

Awnings are a popular style of window for residential properties as they come in a wide range of coloured frames. Available in both a custom and standard, awning windows can be designed for use with a continuous top hinge and chain wider operator or a cam action handle and friction stay.

Awning windows from Nambucca Glass help reduce dust, water and noise intrusion and can be fitted with insect screens as an additional option.

Casement Windows

When paired with the right glass from Nambucca Glass, casement windows are ideal for reducing outside noise. The Lifestyle™ collection of casement windows is available in a range of designs, operation options and frame colours.

Casement windows can be fitted with a cast latch or chain winders, both of which can be key operated for security. Insect screens can also be fitted.

Louvre Windows

Our BREEZEWAY™ louvre windows from Nambucca Glass are made from. A clever, unique patented design that allows you to choose the blades that best suit the window's function. This includes maximising your view, letting in or reducing sunlight, minimising glare, enhancing privacy or creating your own design style.

All our louvre windows are made from high-quality materials and are extensively tested in a NATA certified laboratory. Choose from a wide range of framing systems to best suit your home.

Commercial Windows

Choose the best windows to suit your business at Nambucca Glass. Perfect for both commercial and multi-storey residential developments, our commercial windows include centre and faced glazed systems with the option of 100mm and 150mm frame sizes. Most fixed framing systems can be double-glazed up to 25mm and the glass is secured using external captive wedges.

To discuss your business window needs, contact Nambucca Glass today.


The right door will add security and provide airflow through your property. Our doors at Nambucca Glass can be customised to suit your property, with a wide range of styles, colours and additional options.

For all enquiries, please contact our Nambucca office today.

Sliding Doors

Sliding and stacking doors from Nambucca Glass can be applied to any residential home, including double brick, brick veneer or timber properties. For low-rise apartments, we recommend a sliding door system, and for high-rise buildings, stacking doors are ideal due to their high-performance sills.

Each sliding door features:

  • Either single or double-glazing.
  • Good security.
  • The option for an external insect or safety screen in its own dedicated track.
  • The option of heavy duty interlocks for high wind areas.
  • The option of a low-sill option for wheelchair access.
  • Double sealing to keep moisture and dust outside.
  • High-quality rollers for quiet operation.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are ideal for all residential properties, and can be glazed with safety or insulated glass to improve security or heat retainment. This style of door is available in a wide range of options, and has efficient dust, noise and intrusion prevention. Insect and security screens can also be fitted for added benefits.

Available in a wide selection of styles, hinged doors are made with the latest technology to withstand the test of time.

Shower Doors

Nambucca Glass has the right shower door to suit your bathroom. Choose from a range of styles, frame types, pivoted, frameless or sliding!

Mirror Robe Doors

Mirrored robe doors help create a sense of space to any room. At Nambucca Glass, we can create and install robe doors to your wardrobe at a competitive price. Door inserts can be either mirror, gyprock, Painted Glass or Flexiclad.

Flyscreen Doors

Aluminium flyscreen doors give you the option to have a cool airflow through your home without the bugs that come with it. Available in a variety of colours, we can add a Crimsafe or diamond grille security screen for additional security protection.

Crimsafe Doors

If you want it to stay out, Crimsafe will keep it out. Made from a screw clamp system security mesh and tamper-resistant screws, Crimsafe screens are extremely strong and durable. For added security, mid-rails can also be applied.

Safety Doors

Our safety doors at Nambucca Glass are equipped with diamond grilles to help attain maximum security. Available in a wide range of colours, safety grilles can be added to both hinged and sliding doors.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are the answer to bringing the outdoors in for both residential and commercial properties. While closed, bi-fold doors are superior at keeping out dust, noise and weather conditions.

Commercial Doors

Aluminium doors are the ideal solution for commercial properties of all sizes. They can be customised to suit a standard door, a large floor-to-ceiling sliding or a bi-fold door. UV protection is also an option for all our commercial doors.

At Nambucca Glass, all our commercial door installations provide excellent prevention from dust, noise, wind and rain.


At Nambucca Glass, we manufacture screens aimed at enhancing privacy and security, as well as helping to keep air flowing through your property and the bugs out. Browse our wide range of screens available below.

For any enquiries or to arrange a no-obligation measure and quote, contact us today.


Keep the insects out and air flowing in with aluminium flyscreens from Nambucca Glass. We can install these screens to both the interior and exterior of commercial and residential properties in a wide range of colours.

Light and easy to install, flyscreens are affordable and perfect for the warmer weather.

Shower Screens

To suit every type of shower recess, Nambucca Glass manufacture a range of different shower screens, including framed, semi-frameless and frameless. We have a solution for every sized shower to create a stylish, seamless look to your bathroom.

Safety Screens

At Nambucca Glass, we provide a wide range of safety door grille options to help add extra security to your home. Our safety doors are fitted with a diamond grille, which is both safe and visually appealing. You can also choose to add a one-way mesh for added privacy.

Privacy Screens

Add a feel of solitude to your home without blocking airflow with our privacy screens at Nambucca Glass. Made from one-way mesh, our screens come in a number of different colours to suit your home.

Screen Doors

Our doors at Nambucca Glass come with three functions for you to choose from-flyscreen, security and privacy. Select from either a simple flyscreen or add security with a Crimsafe security door. We can also add one-way mesh for privacy.

Window Screens

Leave your windows open without the annoyance of bugs flying in with a Nambucca Glass window screen. Our flyscreens come in a range of colours to suit your home, and are easy to install and maintain.

For added security, ask us about our Crimsafe or diamond grille flyscreens.


Crimsafe are known throughout Australia for their superior security screens for windows and doors. At Nambucca Glass, we manufacture quality Crimsafe products in a wide range of colours to suit your design requirements.

For all enquiries regarding Crimsafe products in the Nambucca region, please contact us today.


At Nambucca Glass, we stock products to suit every glass application. Our talented glaziers can fabricate mirrors, splashbacks, shower screens, doors and windows, as well as a range of other privacy and security products.

To discuss your glass needs, call, email or visit our Nambucca glaziers today.

Mirror Glass

Call Nambucca Glass when you need a mirror for any room of the house. Our secure mirrors are equipped with a safety backing, helping to reduce the risk of injury if the mirror is broken. Our mirrors can be installed in a frame, or frameless, fixed to a wall to suit your bathroom, bedroom, lounge room or any other room.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is a versatile product that can be used in any application. When you need glass, give us a call.

Obscure (Opaque) Glass

Opaque glass can be used in bathrooms, partitions and doors to add privacy, as well as a simple, yet stylish feature to your home.

Talk to our team at Nambucca Glass today about installing opaque glass at your property today.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is a superiorly strong product that can be applied in doors and splashbacks. By using a special heating and cooling process, we can create a toughened product that is safer than standard glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is ideal for adding extra protection to your home. This style is created with a plastic membrane sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Perfect for commercial environments, laminated glass is very difficult to break as the shards are held together.

UV Glass

UV glass is highly proficient at blocking harmful UV rays from entering through windows. This makes it ideal for protecting merchandise in both commercial and domestic properties.

High-Performance Glass

High-performance glass is perfect for insulating your home all year round. During winter, highperformance glass will help retain heat, while in summer heat is deflected.

Replacement Glass

Any time of day or night, any day of the week, call Nambucca Glass for emergency glass and glazing services.

24 hour emergency service: (02) 6568 7500 or 0409 22 6670

Glass Bricks

Glass bricks create a stunning feature and can be added to a part, whole or curved wall, or to make a unique visual texture.

Skylight & Roof Windows

Our VELUX skylights, roof windows and roof tunnels are a great option for increasing light and warmth to your home. With a range of different options available, our Nambucca glaziers have a solution to suit every style of home and requirement.

To organise an obligation-free measure and quote, talk to our team at Nambucca Glass today.


Let natural light illuminate your home with a skylight supplied by Nambucca Glass. Skylights provide extra warmth, light and ventilation, and can be fitted with a screen to control the amount of sunshine entering the room.

To suit your home, we have a range of skylights available.

  • Fixed Skylights create a spacious feeling, enhancing the warmth and light.
  • The Manual Skylight comes with the same benefits of a fixed skylight, with the added perk of being able to manually open the fitting for ventilation.
  • Flat Roof Skylights are ideal for commercial properties. Their low profile helps to block heat and UV rays.
  • Electronically Operated Skylights are perfect for high or out-of-reach ceilings. They allow for the same light, warmth and ventilation benefits with the addition of being controlled electronically.

Sky Tunnels

Create soft lighting in a dark area of your home with a Sun Tunnel. This low-profile lighting solution is heat neutral, so it will not affect the temperature of the room. We regularly install sun tunnels to low-light areas of properties, including bathrooms and rooms with roof cavities.

Sky Windows

Sky windows add a touch of luxury, while allowing natural light and warmth into your home. This fitting has an elegant timber finish on the inside and acrylic coating and aluminium capping on the exterior. Sky windows are also equipped with a vent flap to allow for ventilation.

24 Hour Glass Replacement

Call Nambucca Glass any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency glass and glazing services. We accommodate for the following property types:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Glass Shelves

For a clean, simple storage system, our glass shelves are the answer. Easy to clean, safe and discreet, we can install glass shelves both inside or outside of the shower recess.

Glass Cutters

If you take on projects yourself, ask us about our quality glass cutters.


Complete minor restorations and repairs with our supply of putty. To purchase, pleasec ontact our Nambucca glass store.

Glass Cleaner

At Nambucca Glass, we like to see your installation looking its best for years to come. Our range of quality glass cleaning products will keep your shower screens, windows, doors and other glass products looking like new.

Contact our store for more details.

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